Resurrection of the Heart

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Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

She swore her life was over,
left low by each lethal lie.
He had sworn true love forever,
how had forever passed her by?

Defeated, dead, dejected,
she crumpled to the ground.
First a wail, then whimper,
then silence saddest sound.

An empty echo filled the space
on his side of the double bed.
By ghosts her heart haunted –
spectres of sweet nothing’s said.

She shambled amongst the living,
let out only occasional groan.
It’s hard hearing happy couples
when you’re abandoned all alone.

It was then that I saw her,
hiding beauty beneath her pain.
Our eyes encountered enchanted,
bewitched begged believe again.

How many volts will it take
to restart a broken heart?
First kiss was electrifying;
pretty perfect place to start.

A rose flush found her cheeks,
a light lit her hazel eyes.
Her heart heals, holding hands
as our new love let her rise.


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There are people in this world who prefer savory, rich or spicy dishes. And then, there are the people who have a sweet tooth the size of Manhattan.

The holiday season maybe over, but mine just got extended when I received a box full of home baked delicacies from Baking Pleasures. Shruti provides dozens of variations to the bite sized mini treats – from customized cakes to home-made chocolates to tarts and cake pops. The box I received had a chocolate tart, a cake pop and a couple of cookies. The crusty chocolate tart was filled with smooth chocolate at the centre, perfectly substituting the cheesecake. The cake pop was rich, creamy and fresh making it a very smart choice for the consumer. As far as the cookies are concerned, here’s the thing: You think a plain cookie folded into the mixture, would be a simple matter…well, it’s not! What I’ve learnt from baking all these years is that it’s not difficult to make a cookie, but to get it right. The crusty texture of the cookies was just about right, making it probably a nice addition to my morning coffee.IMG_20160216_180710

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer eating dessert over cooking lunch, any day. I hope you’re with me, because resolutions aren’t worth keeping if they don’t let you appreciate the sweet things in life.

Shruti Agarwal is responsible for managing the home run bakery, and is a skilled confectioner and cake decorator. Don’t know where to start? Check out Baking Pleasures – you will be glad you did!


You can now order your box of happiness at:

There Is A Light In Me

There is a light in me,

Now buried,

That was once so bright,

It made even the darkest of colors

Look like the first dew of spring

In bright sunlight.

Crafted with the finest

Strokes of honesty and bravery…

The light sparkling so bright

Held onto others with naive optimism;

Believing that the light in others was also

Made of the very same qualities.

But, oh! The felony of nature:

That what we desire is not necessarily

That which we need.

And thus, the light of others,

Overshadowed the light in me.

Making it look like the dullest

Of monsoon skies that could ever be.

The light of others painfully

Drained out the light in me,

And in this process

I forgot that,

There is a light in me

That was once so bright…

It made even the darkest of colors

Look like the first dew of spring

In bright sunlight.


Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2016.

Take Some Liberties

The Double Decker Living Root Bridge

They call it the Living Root Bridge because it never stops growing. With time, it keeps getting stronger with firm roots digging deeper into Earth. It is over 500 years old and you have to trek some 3,500 steps , cross a village, eat at a shack which has local chips and coca cola (besides lemon juice and pure honey) for sale just to reach this bridge. The water is blue, and I saw the sun set and the stars take over. Sitting on the edge of this huge rock, beside the blue water , it dawned upon me how very liberating travelling can be. I wish I could travel all my life, because with travelling you just keep moving forward – there is no looking back, you know?

This was my first trip with the money I had been saving for a while now, and I wish I could explore the places nearby.

This was my first step to actually living my dream. I actually went trekking, did the thing I have always loved and wanted to do.

I was on my own, ready to take on anything that came my way. I felt that way after a very long time. I actually felt that.

 As long as the tree they are formed from remains healthy, they naturally self-renew and self-strengthen as their component roots grow thicker.

10 Things I Hate About You

This beautiful, beautiful poem.
Also, Heath Ledger. ❤


I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare

I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind
I hate you so much that it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme

I hate the way you’re always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry

I hate the way you’re not around
And the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

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To be, or not to be.

Acceptance. Belief. Difficulty. Uncertainty. A life to move around freely. To breathe fresh air. To walk. To accept. To move. To change. All of this, and more. This is a desperate attempt to do something worthwhile in this life. To be what I want to be. To live fully. To be complete, whole. To learn to let go and remind the self that everything is worth the effort. Every tiny sacrifice. To understand that living is not setting limits, but breaking the boundaries. To give. To be deaf to all that unpleasant sound. To be blind to all that feels wrong. And never, never to forget where you once came from. To be like a phoenix and rise from the ashes. To be a living example for others. To make history. To rest in peace.

Copyright Sevenstarhalo, 2015.

Memories, not dreams.

” We are all a little lonely these days, aren’t we?”

Sometimes all you do is nothing. Life means nothing. Friends mean nothing. It’s as if the world moves on and on and on and you are right there exactly at that very same spot where you once began. Is this the way it’s meant to be? What you deserve, stays with you… but what about all those dreams and wishes you thought were only yours? It’s like crying out so loud, when nobody can hear you. And surprisingly, it is peaceful to shut yourself and feel nothing at all. It is safe. But, that doesn’t get you anywhere. There has to be some meaning in life, a voice, a purpose, a victory perhaps…? Hope, faith and patience is all that’s left. But, one fine day I hope there are answers… long, happy answers.

Isn’t it strange, how people live their entire lives hoping for that day to come, and never live to see it? In the end, what do they feel like? Is it disappointment of not living up to that day? Or happiness that at least they lived for a purpose..and then die celebrating it?

I think I’m in the latter part. But, there is sadness attached to it, too. You never get to know what you lived for all your long, tragic life. You never get to know ‘love’. You never know. And you die. Damn.

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