There Is A Light In Me

There is a light in me,

Now buried,

That was once so bright,

It made even the darkest of colors

Look like the first dew of spring

In bright sunlight.

Crafted with the finest

Strokes of honesty and bravery…

The light sparkling so bright

Held onto others with naive optimism;

Believing that the light in others was also

Made of the very same qualities.

But, oh! The felony of nature:

That what we desire is not necessarily

That which we need.

And thus, the light of others,

Overshadowed the light in me.

Making it look like the dullest

Of monsoon skies that could ever be.

The light of others painfully

Drained out the light in me,

And in this process

I forgot that,

There is a light in me

That was once so bright…

It made even the darkest of colors

Look like the first dew of spring

In bright sunlight.


Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2016.


Semi – Precious

Defying expectations,

She gave herself away;

Losing loyalty effortlessly

Holding onto something

So surreal…

Like the silence that bursts

Open into the dead of the night,

Talking to you like an old friend

So different, from the brilliant blue sky

Above the bright yellow marigolds

That smiles at you mysteriously.

But there was this magical faith which

Surpassed any fear that tried

To touch her…

Defying expectations,

She moved mountains.

I wish i could be that brave.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2015.

Hope Floats

Let me take you back…

To yesterday,

Where a bunch of kids were running around

in circles, with nowhere to be.

In a place where

the autumn leaves,

detached themselves of the commitment

and embraced freedom.

Where the clouds parted ways

so the clear skies could bleed blue;

There was a man with a red cap

happy just to be able to

hold hands and walk.

And here was I,

amidst the melancholy,

waiting for a miracle.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2015.

Dream Thief

It’s the windows down,

on a long bus ride.

It’s a four-poster bed

with French windows, and,

the beauty of a sunrise.

It’s the freckles on your cheeks,

the morning in your eyes.

It’s the moment, when,

a dream isn’t a dream anymore

and you’re free to fly…

It’s all things sorted in black and white:

The light of my life.

The dark of the lonely night.

It’s a collective memory;

the story in a dream

in it’s divine glory –

Little drops of heaven and chivalry.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2015.

Stay With Me

Building walls,

I re-start my life:

Staring blankly

At all the hopelessness

I am alone, I realise.

The world is

A beautiful place

But, if only

You travel.

If only,

You give till It hurts.

If only,

You live your dreams.

But, I moved ahead;

In search of something else…




I only wish,

I had my answers!

Disappointed in life,

Burning bridges:

I end it.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2016.