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  1. Hello SevenStarHalo, I want to extend my gratitude to you for visiting and liking one of my recent posts. It’s always encouraging to have someone like my poetry. Hope you drop by every now and then to see what I’m up to. Take care and best of wishes in your writing.

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      1. Thanks for the kind words and the compliments….you’re right…a great blog with a like here and there…what I call “mercy likes”. Thanks again!


  2. What I meant is that for me, it doesn’t seem so great a blog as there are few people who actually like my posts. And so I really do appreciate your likes. No offense intended, please know that.


  3. Wonderful blog, I absolutely love everything about it! Since I saw no direct way of contacting you, I thought this best fit. I have nominated you and ten others for the Sunshine Blogger Award, dedicated to those who are creative, uplifting, inspiring, or positive. I feel you fit these perfectly! So if you want, I can give you the link to the guidelines. Keep on with your work, I love reading it all!

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