Resurrection of the Heart

Hello, all! Do give this blog a visit! πŸ™‚
I would like to share that Philip was the first Blogger to follow me on WordPress and also happens to be a great friend, now. I feel proud to say that nice and honest people do exist, and distance does not matter. I am sharing this so that I can tell others that you can make great friends, too.

Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

She swore her life was over,
left low by each lethal lie.
He had sworn true love forever,
how had forever passed her by?

Defeated, dead, dejected,
she crumpled to the ground.
First a wail, then whimper,
then silence saddest sound.

An empty echo filled the space
on his side of the double bed.
By ghosts her heart haunted –
spectres of sweet nothing’s said.

She shambled amongst the living,
let out only occasional groan.
It’s hard hearing happy couples
when you’re abandoned all alone.

It was then that I saw her,
hiding beauty beneath her pain.
Our eyes encountered enchanted,
bewitched begged believe again.

How many volts will it take
to restart a broken heart?
First kiss was electrifying;
pretty perfect place to start.

A rose flush found her cheeks,
a light lit her hazel eyes.
Her heart heals, holding hands
as our new love let her rise.


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56 thoughts on “Resurrection of the Heart

  1. Yes. I too agree with this. Distance is never a constrain for any relationship (best friends or love). Its all about how we trust , share and create the comfort for each other. Well written. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    You can email me back.

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    1. Hi Roland. Thank you for your feedback. I’m pleased that you like my poem. πŸ™‚ I’ve now Followed your blog. I would greatly appreciate it if you were also willing to check out my site (& Follow me if you like it). See

      As you liked Resurrection of the Heart, I also recommend “Sleeping Beauty & M.E”, “Falling For You” or “Running Man: Love & Other Marathons” from my site.

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      1. I have just become one of your followers. Just got back from the north of England so I’ll check out your other poems this weekend. I enjoyed your ‘Lovely Lace’ by the way! Highly sensual – stirred an old man’s loins!

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    1. Hi acalltomercyblog. Thank you for your feedback. I’m pleased that you like my poem. πŸ™‚ I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out some more of my poems on my site & Follow my site if you like them. For example, “Running Man: Love & Other Marathons” (see or “Sleeping Beauty & M.E” (see

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  2. Snehal and Philip, I’m glad I stumbled across this post. Both of you are doing a great work at your respective blogs. Keep up the good work. I’ll be glad if you could breeze past my posts and share your insight.

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