Take Some Liberties

The Double Decker Living Root Bridge

They call it the Living Root Bridge because it never stops growing. With time, it keeps getting stronger with firm roots digging deeper into Earth. It is over 500 years old and you have to trek some 3,500 steps , cross a village, eat at a shack which has local chips and coca cola (besides lemon juice and pure honey) for sale just to reach this bridge. The water is blue, and I saw the sun set and the stars take over. Sitting on the edge of this huge rock, beside the blue water , it dawned upon me how very liberating travelling can be. I wish I could travel all my life, because with travelling you just keep moving forward – there is no looking back, you know?

This was my first trip with the money I had been saving for a while now, and I wish I could explore the places nearby.

This was my first step to actually living my dream. I actually went trekking, did the thing I have always loved and wanted to do.

I was on my own, ready to take on anything that came my way. I felt that way after a very long time. I actually felt that.

 As long as the tree they are formed from remains healthy, they naturally self-renew and self-strengthen as their component roots grow thicker.


54 thoughts on “Take Some Liberties

  1. Manan Unleashed

    I was there last October. Had the trip of a lifetime. So so tempted to share my pictures with you. I wrote “Wanderlust” based on this trip. Check it out at your convenience. Cheers!

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  2. Hi! Snehal,must say a blog full of variations on subjects,came across to poetry,baked delicacies & travel.Beautiful altogether.Where is the location of this place,it is looking travelers paradise.

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  3. Cool beans! Hey, I didn’t know you had two blogs. You change from the moth into a beautiful woman, when did that happen? I wouldn’t have known who you were if I didn’t see the nofacewoman name under your picture. You’ve been hiding your loveliness for awhile haven’t you?


    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment! Um, I wouldn’t call myself a travel blogger, as such. Just sharing my experiences and letting the world know that it’s not that difficult to pack your bag and travel…! 🙂


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