Hope Floats

Let me take you back…

To yesterday,

Where a bunch of kids were running around

in circles, with nowhere to be.

In a place where

the autumn leaves,

detached themselves of the commitment

and embraced freedom.

Where the clouds parted ways

so the clear skies could bleed blue;

There was a man with a red cap

happy just to be able to

hold hands and walk.

And here was I,

amidst the melancholy,

waiting for a miracle.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2015.


22 thoughts on “Hope Floats

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  2. I’m really drawn to the leaves detaching themselves of commitment in order to float free. Insightful crafting. And the man in the red cap finding a better way to enjoy the moment–that is a challenge put across in an appealing way as well. You responded to my Christopher Robin poem, and I thank you for that. In turn I was shown the headline above for the article I’ve been happy to read. Well done writing!

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  3. I enjoyed this poem a lot. I agree with “clcouch123”, and will think of your poem when I see a leaf “escape commitment” next fall.

    The three “M” sounds in the final two lines are wonderful. I spoke the lines aloud a couple times, rolling them around in my mouth like a fine wine.

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  4. feliz/o/nunca

    The truth is always obvious, but we need voices like yours to remind us that we must not forget this in our every day life’s.
    Beautiful thoughts , thanks so much!

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