Stay With Me

Building walls,

I re-start my life:

Staring blankly

At all the hopelessness

I am alone, I realise.

The world is

A beautiful place

But, if only

You travel.

If only,

You give till It hurts.

If only,

You live your dreams.

But, I moved ahead;

In search of something else…




I only wish,

I had my answers!

Disappointed in life,

Burning bridges:

I end it.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo 2016.


4 thoughts on “Stay With Me

  1. Wow, powerful piece! Love how it flows also. For some reason had me thinking of waves – of someone staring out at the ocean while all this is going through their head. Possibly because of the longer & shorter lines used. But then again that could just be me throwing my own personal experiences into the mix.


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