And Then, There’s Me.

You miss being happy, sometimes.

Like the Christmas morning.Like that little girl who believed in fairies.Like meeting someone, long forgotten.Like warming your palm on a cup of coffee. Like pouring your heart out while baking a mean chocolate cake. Like the moment when you fall asleep.Like pretending to have a goal in life.Like getting awarded. Like watching others play Spin The Bottle.Like getting a tattoo done.Like learning French. Like eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.Like listening to music on trains. Like walking on chilly winter mornings, with nowhere to be.Like an uncontested love for Orange Soda.Like the noise of rain on an umbrella. Like being a 20-something with big, big dreams. Like waiting, not knowing what for, but just waiting.

In helping others you make a cruel sacrifice without even realizing it. You give away a part of yourself that you need the most: Love.

Copyright, Sevenstarhalo.


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