#Some Girl

She sat all by herself on the verandah of her house, from where the entire narrow lane was in view. As the moon was glowing above, accompanied by the stars, the lane below was empty and dark. Except for one lamp where the lane bent and formed a curve. It kept flickering; and the only noise that could be heard was the barking of a dog somewhere and the grand father clock ticking away in the room inside.

She sat there barefoot on the stone slab, dreaming….for she never belonged here. Never liked the environment. Never truly felt happy. Never really enjoyed watching her life stagnate to the point where it was so difficult to move ahead. Never felt that she could live here, in this place for the rest of her life.She had given everything.

She belonged to the far off places where dreams had a possibility to survive. This city sort of pulled her back, every time she took a step forward. There was a dying need to escape. To travel. To never truly belong. To live, and not merely survive. To be free.


Copy wright, Sevenstarhalo.


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